Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random gaming update and Deathwatch video game project

     A random update on gaming stuff. My Death korp should finally be here Monday based on the tracking from USPS and I can't wait to get my hands on the first of my non tank units for my DKK. The command squad was a good choice I think and hopefully later when I get grenadier squads and start testing the army more it will work out well. I want them to act as allies to my Imperial Fist. A siege IG army with a siege space marine army. A match I feel will work well. With the release of Apocalypse I can also justify taking some of the new fortifications with my kriegsmen as well. Nothing like some turrets and bunkers to dig into and shoot from!

     My Chaos army is on hold right now. What I like about chaos is I can make armies around the 4 main cults so easily. I have Khorne done right now and next is a tie up between the slaanesh and Tzeentch. Rubrics and Noise marines are both just damn awesome. Of course there wasn't much contest until I started reading Thousand Suns......

     I also have a small but growing list of non Warhammer games to play. Apart from a lot of Magic, World of Warcraft, and Pokemon TCG decks (don't judge!), I also have a growing collection of board games and other table top games I want to expand on. Risk has been my favorite board game for years and new variations and themes of it are always fun. Super Dungeon Explore just appeals to me for some reason and I want it's expansions. Then the next game on my list is Battle of Westeros, a 2 player strategy game set in the "Song of Ice and Fire universe", which I enjoy very much.

     The above model is a bit larger then I had hoped but represents my Handmaiden of the Everqueen. The model is from the World of Warcraft miniatures game and has the perfect bow and armour for what I wanted to represent. She is the current leader for my "Rangers" in my Blood Elf themed fantasy army.  Next I hope to get a phoenix but I can't really press my luck to much on that. Financially I'm not the best off right now.....

      Then lastly my Deathwatch video game project I've been working on for school. Having some random models and terrain assets done for the first mission I decided to start working on making a good story. In order to do this I borrowed this book from a friend as well as the core rulebook to the Deathwatch RPG which will be an invaluable asset to this project. The fluff alone in these two books is really helping to shape the story of this game and I really hope to be able to show more of what I'm working on very soon. Some of the assets are coming along well but it's a slow process as 3D modeling isn't my stong point and I'm a bit rusty with 3ds Max.

That's all the updates I have for today. Should be posting one soon with more pictures of my current High elf projects and my repainting of my Imperial Fist!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Eternal Crusade Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade newsletter. I’m David Ghozland, Creative Director on the project.

First of all, I wanted to say that myself and the team here at Behaviour Interactive can’t thank you enough for your support. We knew there would be a big response to a new 40k MMO, but the passion and enthusiasm we’ve seen from the community has gone beyond our expectations.
We consider this to be YOUR game – the online 40k world that the fans have always wanted. To that end, we’ll be setting up a space where you can communicate with the devs and share your thoughts. Expect some news on this front very soon!
In the months to come, this newsletter will be a platform for expressing our specific intentions on this project and communicating the thought processes behind its development. For the inaugural edition, however, I’d like to say a bit more about the game itself.

A World At War

One of the first misconceptions we saw about the game based on the announcement was that because of the game’s genre, people thought that we were making a "traditional" MMORPG. If you looked out our "required playing" list for new team members*, you'd see that we're planning on making something quite different indeed. We believe that the MMORPG genre is one with vast possibilities – just look at EvE Online or Firefall to see how far it can stretch.
In Eternal Crusade, we’re presenting a war on a planetary scale, but what you want to do in the game world is really up to you - there's no traditional quest or leveling structure in the experience. When you drop down to the planet with your friends, you’ll have a great overview of the ongoing conflict due to both traditional UI elements and community channels. If you want to head to the front lines and fight where you’re needed most, you can drive over there and do so. Along the way you might meet players from the enemy faction skulking about, or maybe you’ll spot a tantalizing entrance to the world beneath the surface or a Tyranid infestation bursting out near one of your strongholds.
Or perhaps one of your squad-mates will get an idea to hit the enemy behind their lines at a particularly valuable strategic position. It’ll take some skill to get there unnoticed and you might be guaranteed to have the enemy’s attention once you’ve done the damage, but the game's not going to stop you!
Part of what makes this possible is that MMO technology has come far enough to allow for true skill & precision-based gameplay and we’ve made a deliberate choice to make progression as horizontal as possible. A small amount of power gain is inevitable, but in a PvP-focused game it’s crucial that the vast majority of progression is about filling out your tactical possibilities and increasing specialization. Tabletop 40k has been a big inspiration in this regard, as you’ll see when we talk more about creating your character builds.
The other part is that we’re not creating a "content-heavy" world, but rather one driven by gameplay systems. There are unique spots to find, environmental lore bits and an ongoing narrative, but community efforts and Tyranid invasions drive the battle for the surface while the shapes and challenges of the underworld are generated procedurally. Our aim is to make an online world that never stops being able to surprise its players.
If this sounds good to you, stick around! We’ll keep talking about the details of the game design and other production updates right here, so if you know anyone else who might be interested in these topics, you can encourage them to register on the site.
Until next time, may the Emperor protect!

David Ghozland
Creative Director "
This is the first of what I hope are many newsletters from the team behind the new 40K MMO. I wanted to share it because it outlines the plans for what sounds like a unique experience in a market filled with clones of world of warcraft. The game has a heavy pvp focus with only light narrative to push the story on the planet wide war zones so the conflicts and how they unfold are mostly up to the players. There is a slight risk with such a heavy reliance on player interactions that has me a bit worried but I think in the end they will find good ways to handle that. I have hope....

Painting fire

     A quick update on some of what I'm working on. Right now I've got a lot of things that require fire on them. Sisters of Averlorn are the main one and the second is Vulken He'stan of the salamanders. Vulken was the test mini for painting fire since he was covered in it. Poor guy.


First run of painting fire. I don't mind the chest piece so
much as I think the cloak should be entirely redone.

Painted up the rest of the armour details. Scales on the leg
plates will need some working as well as the cloak. Still not sure
how I'm going to do that....

Painted the bow on this sister of averlorn. While the fire effect
turned out fine, I did it backwards. The red and yellow
need to be switched around.

    All in all the fire thing is getting easier to paint and I think after I fix the first bow the rest should be rather easy. Oddly enough as soon as my Death Korp finally get here I will be basing them with snow and adding some snow to the top of my tanks. Need to find a good way to do that as well.... 

Monday, June 24, 2013

A summery of the update I wanted to give...

     Still not the post I wanted to make but work and life is quirky at best.... so until tomorrow when I have my phone fixed and can get painting pictures up, here is a long mostly on topic post.

     A progress shot of my tanks for my Death korp. Slowly coming a long but I can only paint so many Leman Russ tanks before I get bored. also got a Basilisk tank to add to my arsenal. Again, still waiting on command squad but they should be here before weeks end. Also got a part in to finish fixing a laptop for a client so I can get paid for that and finally order my IA:12. After that it's just stock up on infantrymen until the army is playable. I really can't wait to have some of these done.

     Still also working on the painstaking process of repainting a large portion of my imperial fist before I start growing the army again. This dreadnought has been stripped and repainted several times but he was my first model. I bought it on ebay for 15 bucks and it was primed blue for some odd reason. I guess someone thought it should be a Ultramarines Dreadnought. Thankfully I save it from that fate...

     I got a set of sisters of Averlorn for my "Blood Elf" (High Elf) army to act as my Farstriders and rangers with their awesome magical bows. They cost me 10 bucks brand new since I got a sweet discount for helping the shop that sold me them do some work on their store outside. I have them mostly put together but can't paint them until I get some white primer. 

     Now the most random bit! I have wanted this game for a while because I like the style and I think it's fun.
My friend had it and wasn't to into it but made me a deal where if I buy him Sammael for his new Ravenwing army he would just let me keep this game. I'm pretty happy with it so, as I think I can use this to get my fiancee into playing some games with me finally since she likes anime.

Some special metal models that we're in the box.
Another pally & Candy and Cola figure!

All the hero's and big monsters it came with.

All in all it's a lot of randomness for one post and it won't be getting much more normal from here as I have a lot I want to talk about this week.

Gone sick, working, and High Elves.

     Been a long week but plan to do some catching up this week since I don't have to be at my office.
I have been working extra to try and get some money for my DKoK and it's a slow process. Though I should get my command squad in the mail this week! Another thing that kept me down is I had/have Bacterial Pnemonia in my right lung and it's been there for a while I guess. Not fun and has led to many side effects I can't say I care for.

   Now onto hobby stuff. A lot I want to cover today from different armies and how they're shaping up to random other games I've gotten and want to look at. But mostly my High Elves that I have a new special character and new unit for. Even found a World of Warcraft mini to fit the Hero slot I needed to fill and match my Sisters of Averlorn.

   So if your bored stay tuned! lots to read as the day goes on!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Index Astartes so far.

     The Index Astartes stuff being re released in Ebook form has had me excited since it was announced. But now that I have it in my hands I have to say it's a bit week. My main issue is some of the Epub files load weird with the page formatting not displaying correctly. This is something that will be fixed so I can forgive that. The first 2 books "Codex Astartes" and "Dreadnoughts" have no new rules in them and exist purely for fluff. Weather or not the future books (released every Monday) will contain the old rules for chapters updated to 6th ed will happen now I'm not sure, but I remain hopeful.

    For those of you who just want little weekly glimpses of fluff these books are worth at least a glance. I kind of wish they would also put them in issues of White Dwarf to add content to a magazine in need of new content and interesting articles, but that would make it harder for GW to justify these digital versions which I believe will function as a forunner of sorts to the larger GW books being released in Epub/Mobi formats. Depending how Tomorrow goes I might get the book for Azrael to. The Warlord series of books does indeed include rules though how many I don't know and am curious to find out.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Death Korp tanks and mud on the tracks.

     Trying to get more work done on all my tanks for my krieg army. Have a command squad in the mail and ordering IA 12 here in next few days. But one thing I got stuck on is the tanks looking to clean. Not having mud on them made no sense for krieg. So after a bit of expirimenting and youtube video's I think I have a mud affect I like. Mud.

The first test was just using brown paint in different shades, layered
to get a mud affect, but it looked weird and flat. So after some studying
I made a mix of actual dirt from my yard, brown paint, and varnish to
help seal it all up.

The affect given by the odd mixture. For just being actual mud, I
think it turned out really well. Might layer it more though...
The plow on the front. Definitely need another layer.

Close up!

    Well, that's it for now. Maybe later I will post more pics of the individual tanks as I finish them. Also need to finish the base for the Vendetta and find the base for the other Vendetta....

Eternal Crusade

     Just a quick post from the office. working both of my jobs now so not a lot of time. Just wanted to make a quick post to bring more attention to Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade. The new awesome sounding mmo by Behaviour Interactive. The company is still small by most standards and is new to AAA development, but their ambitious plans show promise for what could be a very fun and unique game. The game is set to Launch in 2015 (1.5 years from now....) but will probably have a beta a lot sooner. Either way though I'm very excited about the news and if you want to learn more click the links below...

The second link has more info on the plans for the game for those who are curious...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bartcon IV and the start of my Deathkorp of Krieg.

     It's been a busy weekend with Bartcon IV and then working all day yesterday but I bring a long post with an interesting scenario for your basement tournaments. My friend has a con every year at his house that consist of rock paper scissors to 40K, and this was my first year going and I have to say it was a blast. Friday had kids welcome and there was everything from the rock paper scissors tournament to mortal combat and Dawn of War tournaments. Day 2 was 40K followed by fantasy and other board games day 3.

     The 40K tournament was interesting because there was no codex restrictions. This ment you could take a Space Marine HQ and then 2 troops from a nid codex and heavy support from Tau. Everything for the purpose of this was counted as battle brothers or being in the same army for all rule purposes. Players did have to follow normal force organization though. The second part that made this crazy was re-rolls. You could earn 2 re-rolls for each beer finished. This lead to the 3rd round of the tournament being a drinking contest on some tables, but it was fun for everyone and that's what matters. I won my first 2 rounds and then lost on round, but still better then I expected. So lets look at some of the list.

     My list! Kharn as HQ with a 15 model Berserker squad in a LR
Redeemer, a Ironclad in drop pod, a tactical squad in a rhino, and
then a team of fire warriors and a Riptide I borrowed from my friend.
 This list was mostly reliant on Kharn and his friends to put the pain on
and prove assault wasn't dead.

A list of all models on 32mm bases. This one was kind of funny
for using each factions termy equivalents. Also Ghazghkull Thraka
and Calgar in the same army is always good for laughs.

A Black Templar list with a ton of orks in Land Raider Crusaders.
Orks in Armour 14 vehicles using the buffs provided by the emperors
champion was amusing. 

Abaddon in a LR with nids. That's all that really must be said.
Also nothing says your day is ruined then being charge by Aby
and 2 carnifax. 

Straight flesh terrors!

First game right before Kharn and his merry men charged.
    Sadly I didn't get pics of all the list but I think this is enough to give the idea. It's definitely a crazy way to play with lots of interesting combinations. I look forward to next years scenario and seeing how crazy that gets. The tournament was a tie between Abaddon with nids and a team of straight Necrons (boring). Also the games being 1500 points did make taking LR's expensive and risky.

A normal game of risk against Gamestop employee's. I lost...

My fantasy army at 2K points with borrowed wood elves
to fill out my ranks. The game was for the blood in the badlands
campaign. I'm not in the campaign but was allowed to compete in
this scenario. I managed to win and get to the second round. I think
the scenario was Marshes of Madness. The fight for a special town
I think.

Round 2 with the surviving forces of each army from the 4
other games. My Swordsmen of Hoeth killed a rank of Skaven
before being charged themselves. Ogre's and Vampires we're
also on the table. Skaven won in the end.

    Another big thing I came away with this weekend is a bunch of IG. I traded my Dark Angels for what you see in the above picture. (roughly 2000 ish points for 2000 ish points) I didn't see the point in running to Space Marine armies with minor differences and it was an opportunity to give a huge boost to my starting a Death Korp of Krieg army. My krieg army will be armour heavy until I save up money to order a lot of Infantrymen though but I think it will be worth it. I will be using the Assault Brigade list from IA-12 once that comes in the mail. Ordering it this Friday when payed. The models above needed a lot of work as they've been sitting in a tote bucket for a year ish. Most we're re primed with sponsons added.

Test paint of the Tank color scheme. I have 8 Leman Russ tanks
right now, all with different turrets for all sorts of situations.

I got these 2 Vendetta's with everything else but can't use them
in an Assault Brigade list or any DKoK list for that matter. But since
in some tournaments I will need to run my army as IG I decided to
keep them. Also they look nice when fixed up and painted.
    Just ordered a commissar as well for an HQ and will be ordering 2 Grenadier squads to get 2 troops choices. Because of the armies special rules though I feel a full platoon of infantry will be eventually needed. The good people in charge of Mage-Con have okayed all IA and chapter approved stuff for the 40K tournament at the end of the summer. The Forlorn Hope special rule with infantry will help with objective based games.

"Forlorn Hope:
If the player chooses to use this rule, when Infantry Platoons gets destroyed they go into ongoing reserves, meaning an endless supply of guardsman.

If you do take this option though, your opponent gets to place an Assault objective in their deployment zone that gets them a victory point if the Death Korp player does NOT claim it. Though the assault brigade gets 2 points if they do manage to get it."
Basically what Forlorn Hope does based on an internet description. I guess the army only gets it for 1500+ point games though. Not that, that is an issue.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Index Astartes returns!

   Yesterday I got done talking about codex supplements and what they how awesome they are for this hobby now that they exist. Having an army that not only looks unique from every other Space Marine or Eldar army is nice, but having one that plays differently is another thing entirely. Sadly not all chapters and craft worlds have enough story to merit their own supplements. Especially all of the space marine chapters. Back in the day we had Index Astartes, something I was working on trying to update for house rules, but now it seems Black Library is republishing updated versions of it themselves among other things. The Black Library publishing rules is weird though....

"The range kicks off with three series: Warlords of the Dark Millennium, Index Astartes, and Munitorum."

"Warlords of the Dark Millennium explores the heroes and villains of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Each instalment will cover topics like the origin of the character, great battles in their history, and their rise to glory (and/or infamy). It will also include detailed descriptions and images of the character’s weapons and wargear, not to mention full rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000 (even if you don’t have the relevant codex)."

    The first book in the series is about Warlords and Heroes from Farsight to Lysander and maybe some not yet in rules. This gives fluff and allows you to see the personality of the HQ you chose to lead your armies and how they act. List of War gear and even full rules for the characters. I plan to buy all of these because even though Azrael's rules are in the Codex: Dark Angels, these books might give rules to new characters as well as existing ones who don't have rules. 

"Index Astartes may be a familiar name to longstanding Games Workshop fans, as it first appeared as an article in White Dwarf as far back as 1988! Every week, Index Astartes will explore the Space Marines of the Imperium: everything you ever wanted to know about the warriors, vehicles, beliefs and fighting style of the Emperor’s finest. Many of the classic Index Astartes articles will become available again digitally, as well as loads of new instalments to look forward to."

     The Index Astartes is a big deal to me. The old ones had rules for the "First Founding" chapters and legions and even some of the later chapters and warbands. This allowed chapters not different enough to have their own codex or even a supplement to have some rules of their own. This also will make tournament play get crazier as more faction variants means crazier unit combinations. I can't contain my joy at this news.

"Munitorum is your indispensible guide to the weapons and wargear of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Every issue will focus on an item of battlefield equipment from the far future, from the humble lasgun, to the alien shuriken catapult, to the apocalyptic vortex missile."

     To be honest I'm not really sure what these really are for. Weapon fluff is cool and could be used to introduce new things but just seams rather odd. Either way I will buy this to just to review it monday with the others.

     I also plan to do a review of the eldar book from the perspective of a dedicated marine player who's never used xenos armies. The only non power army I have is a small detachment of Death Korp of Krieg and that hasn't even all come in the mail yet. So yah! look for post and reviews this week and this weekend I will be at a gaming convention held in my friend basement every year.

Edit: Not sure why the page was displaying crazy but it's fixed now.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Codex: Iyanden and what it means for the hobby.

     So, Games Workshop has officially announce Codex Iyanden to us all, as well as pointing out that it is apparently the first of many supplements in a new range. This means we could be seeing supplements for Chaos Legions (ie: Death Guard), Space Marine Chapters (ie: Salamanders), and maybe even thing like the Farsigh Enclave faction of Tau. This would make tournaments that much more interesting, and give a bit more leverage to using things like Forge Worlds Deathkorp of Krieg, Minotaurs Space Marines, and Maynarkh Dynesty of Necrons. Seeing as the main argument against those list varients is that people aren't familiar with them, but if we have 16 GW codex's, possibly dozens of Codex supplement army variants, and all Forge Worlds List options, nobody could ever really be familiar with everything anyways.

    So lets discuss what we will find in this supplements based on Codex: Iyanden.

1.) 3 formats; digital, standard book, and collectors editions for each supplement. So you have options for where you get it. I personally want to get an Ipad just for GW books so I can have them all cozy and tucked away on my tablet.

2.) Army wide Special Rules, how much this impacts the codex variant will probably differ from codex to codex.

3.) Army special unit's like HQ's and vehicle varients.

4.) Army special wargear table. You know the page of crazy wargear in every codex like the Axe of Blind Fury or the Lion's Roar combi-bolter? Supplements have those for their armies to.

5.) Army warlord traits!

6.) Roughly 32 pages of fluff, story, and pictures.

7.) Model showcase

8.) Army specific stratagems for Planetary Strike and Cities of Death. This struck me as the most interesting feature to add, but a good subtle way to promote those books and mission variants.

9.) A section of special missions and scenario's for playing with that army. Pretty sure it's just updates of the battle missions book content but now not stuck to Ipad only.

     Either way at this point the book seems like it is worth the price of a normal codex even if you do need it in edition to the armies standard codex. It gives your army a different feel and not just fluff to paint and model them by like I thought it would be, so I'm very impressed if this is going to become standard for GW to do. This also opens up more model opportunities for them and for conversion lovers. So I'm happy and my hat is off to Games Workshop. Now to end this post lets look at all the different codex options and Army List we have now.

Space Marines:

-Codex: Space Marines
-Codex: Dark Angels
-Codex: Space Wolves
-Codex: Blood Angels
-Codex: Black Templar
-Space Marine Siege Assault Army (Forge World)
-Tyrants Legion (Forge World)

Imperial Guard:

-Codex: Imperial Guard
-Death Korp of Krieg Assault Brigade (Forge World)
-Death Korp of Krieg Siege Regiment (Forge World)
-Death Korp of Krieg Armoured Battlegroup (Forge World)
-Elysian Drop Troops (Forge World)
-Armoured Battle Groups (Forge World)

-Codex: Grey Knights
-Codex: Sisters of Battle


-Codex:Chaos Daemons
-Codex: Chaos Space Marines
-Renegades and Heretics (Forge World)
-Renegades and Heretics Servants of Slaughter (Forge World)
-Renegades and Heretics Servants of Decay (Forge World)

-Codex: Eldar
-Codex: Iyendan  (GW Codex Supplement)
-Eldar Corsairs  (Forge World)
-Codex: Dark Eldar

-Codex: Orks
-Ork Dread Mob (Forge World)
-Codex: Necrons
-Dark Harvest Necrons Army List (Forge World)
-Codex: Tau Empire
-Codex: Tyranids

   Now granted some Forgeworld list aren't up to date, and I think the DKoK Brigade list replaces the Siege list, but this is all of the army list and variations currently existing for 40K as far as I know. With the addition of these supplements this number will only go up. Now lets hope someday we can add squats back to the list.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Game of Thrones

     I just wanted to make a quick post this morning to comment on the show Game of Thrones. I've read the books and enjoyed both them and the show very much, and if you haven't read the books or at least watched the show you should. Though I warn you there is violence and a lot of feels. This episode (episode 29) was probably the most intense and depressing episode of anything I have seen. Even though it was all in the books and I kept trying to mentally prepare myself it didn't work. It's just a huge slap in the feels.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Black Templar, and a small story.

     I grew up on RTS games, and I loved toy army men as a kid, and for years I wanted a board game or tabletop game that allowed me to enjoy the strategy of RTS with the physical buildings and vehicles of those little green soldiers. Nobody told me about 40K, a hobby I would have gotten into years sooner if I would have learned about it. Then I found Dawn of War. Dawn of War sparked an interest in the franchise and as I looked into other games and related material I discovered a galaxy of turmoil, war, and the game I've always wanted. It was a magical time.

     So I went on the ebay and I ordered some mini's to get started, I didn't know anyone else that played but I wanted the mini's anyway, they we're awesome. So I ordered the starter set for Assault on Black Reach, along with a tactical squad and another dreadnought I got for 15 bucks. It was a good start for what eventually became my Imperial Fist. Since then I've made 3 warhammer 40K armies, 1 fantasy army, and several other random figures. Next month I start my Death Korp of Krieg with a command squad and several Leman Russ tanks.

     So what does this story have to do with anything? Not much really, except I finally went back and repainted the captain me from Black Reach. When I first bought the models he was the first guy I painted and I made so many mistakes I actually felt bad. The problem is I didn't need a captain for my Imperial Fist, I always use Lysander or a Master of the Forge, so what would I do with this mini? Black Templar! I've always liked Black Templar and I always though it would be fun to start a small force of them to use as allies. and when the new rules finally do come maybe evolve them into their own force. So painting him to act as a marshal was a promise to myself to do that, and I'm really happy with the results. He's not my best mini, but he was my first, and will always have a special place in my collection.

P.S. Above are the repainted versions of my Imperial fist as well, Lysander does need his arms back though...

Seventh Retribution

     Just finished reading Seventh Retribution by Ben Counter and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. The Ebook version was released early as an apology of sorts to the sons of Dorn for one of the more noble space marine chapters always getting it's ass kicked in black library stories. It also gave some nice insight into Lysander who until this point has just been a small almost background less figure on the tabletop that I could lend no personality to.

     The story itself focus's on the Imperial Fist as they join the war against a separatist planet called Opis after a member of the inquisition is killed there. As the war progresses though things aren't how they seem to Lysander and his brothers as they investigate what led the planet to fall to chaos so easily. I won't go to much into the story but if you like plot twist, the Imperial Fist, and the Officio Assassinorum, then you will enjoy this book a lot.

    One of the reasons I liked the book apart from the giving Lysander some character, it added a wealth of new interesting characters from a priest of the imperial guard to a World Eater who I'd like to make a conversion of as special character. Another thing that stood out was units and a certain vehicle employed by the Imperial Fist. The Imperial Fist in this book have an Emperor's Champion, who does the same job as the Champion employed by it's successor chapter the Black Templar. This has me hoping that it will later be canon for that specific role to be in all Imperial Fist chapters and not just the Black Templar. The Emperial Fist also have a one of a kind Thunderhawk varient. The Shadowhawk uses the same basic design as a Thunderhawk but replaces all of it's troop compartments for large payloads of missile pods and more advanced weapon systems, as well as better tracking systems for those weapons. Sadly it was shot down and while they hinted at the fact it could be recovered they never clarified if the actually recovered it... But the idea of the chapter having some unique tools was nice.

   All in all I recommend the book, as the story line is unique and full of twist to make it interesting.

A long busy week.

     It's been a rather long blogless week do to trying to find a job as quickly as possable, it's not going well at all. But I have some free time this weekend to post on recent happenings and painting projects and the other various projects I start from time to time. The main project right now is repainting my Imperial Fist to a proper yellow. So right now half of my army is bathing in Simple Green. The new yellow pops out a bit more and doesn't look like burnt orange...

Here is the land speeder with proper yellow and wash!

     In other news, I did play a friendly game of 40K today with my roommate who wanted to learn the game and possible get into the hobby. Needless to say he enjoyed it more then Twilight Imperium and will probably play again soon. The match was 1500 point game with him using my Dark Angels, and me running my World Eaters. He won by stringing his 8 terminators between 2 objectives in my deployement zone while I held one objective in the middle and failed to push his last guy off the 1 in his deployment zone which contested that objective. Was a crazy game and came down to an armour save which made it a good first game for my roommate. Really hope I can convert him into the hobby.

    I also finished my Deathwing Knights this week and now have them up with the rest of the army. Contemplating running a mostly Deathwing List now just to try them out and see how they do. But have been to pre occupied with the campaign and testing my World Eaters. Assault isn't dead it just needs land raiders to drive it places....

    Here is my full Dark Angels army assembled. 25 terminators, 5 bikes, 20 marines from the fourth company and some HQ Units to round it all off. The Company Commander from Dark Vengeance I've been using as Azrael with the watcher in the Dark from the Terminator kit. Looks close enough and functions mostly the same in my opinion. I don't like Azraels models and I feel it should be updated soon. It's not even in Finecast....