Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hobby Update!

     Busy long week full of doubles at work and not much hobby time. I did manage to read more Horus Heresy books. Right now I'm in the middle of Angel Exterminatus and after reading the first story in Primarchs that revolves around the Emperor's Children I decided they would be a cool 30K army to eventually start. So I used this as an excuse to finally get a Legion Praetor set and start pushing 30K on my gaming group.

     The reason for choosing the third legion is the story. Both while loyalist and traitors the legion has a lot of personality that's very well reflected in it's unit's and style. The contrast between the Palatine Blades and the Kakophonie Noise Marines from FW is a great indicator as to how the legion has fallen. I also like the idea of slowly working on an army that can be fielded as a CSM army since both the CSM and the Astartes Legion Emperor's Children have access to noise marines, though the rules for the Legion version aren't in Betrayal they will be in the book Massacre when that's release along with the Phoenix Guard. 

     Out of the 2 I'm going to use the Legion Praetor in Power armour to make a Saul Tarvitz figure until an official one is made. I'm assuming Tarvitz will be released in a character box along side Lucius since the two we're so close, but I could be wrong. The Cataphractii Praetor will probably be painted for my Imperial Fist and used as a chapter master, though I will have to replace the Vulkite Calaver to use him in 40k.... =(

     This army is another slight side project but it does have some plans. The MK-IV marine armour seems to be most common based on the current models for Palatine Blades and the WIP models of the Kakophonie Noise Marines. I might still use other marks of armour  here and there, but I think the Mk-IV fits the EC very well.

      Tomorrow is another double and I really don't have much free time this week. But I will do my best to get some updates on the finishing of Commander Farsight and some other stuff done while also talking about other crazy hobby related things.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Commander Farsight painting (Part 1)

     Another week with life getting me down. But in honor of the second supplement by GW I got to build and paint commander Farsight for a friend! And dang is there a lot of vents in that sprue. I don't mind finecast unlike most but I still wouldn't argue if they used a cleaner casting method for some of these models... I know I was suppose to post the turret, but only one is painted to any degree and I just keep getting distracted.

Putting the base portion of the model together. Leaving most bits off for
the sake of painting the model more easily. Also added some dirt and
rock to the base to add more texture to it before priming.

Primed with all the arms dry fitted on just to see how it looks.
To be honest he looks weird without his jump pack. I guess
I should have expected that though. You can also guess the
scale of the model when compared to a Fire Warrior or the
Vengeance Weapon Battery.

Trying to paint the red without filling in the lines.....

The Dawnblade compared to a fire warrior

Base coat on the body mostly finished!
Will (hopefully) get around to posting part 2 a bit later. Need to grab some rum and focus on the painting desk.....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Farsight Enclave supplement

     The Farsight Enclaves codex supplement and the 6th Edition rule book both released today, and while I have yet to purchase the core book I did get the Farsight book so my friend didn't have to wait for the hard cover copy. The Farsight Enclave book follows the same pattern as the Iyanden book with a couple pages for army special rules and warlord traits. The enclave also does a FoC change, moving crisis suits to troops while on the other side banning Shadowsun and Aun'va. Another trade off is the Enclaves can ONLY use signature systems from the Farsight book. This surprised me because Iyanden could choose either or, though I think these trade offs are to prevent all the Tau players from just taking the book and using it for crisis suits as troops.

    Another interesting thing this book does it, is it takes away Farsight's body guard team, and replaces it with a Commander Team. The commander team takes no FoC slow and is a squad of up to 7 named special characters, including a riptide and a broadside. Having this many independent special characters does add up in points quickly though, close to a 1350 points for the full Commander Team. Again though they are all independent characters and can go join other units.

     Now fluff wise, the book is awesome, finally the full story of O'shovah is here to learn and read. This does kill some of the mystery behind the character, but some mystery still remains. The Dawnblade for example, nobody knows where it came from still. They explain what it does, prolonging farsights life and how it prolongs it, but farsight doesn't know himself how it works either. The book also explains a lot about his affinity for close combat, and his idea of what the greater good really is. Also if your wondering why he leaves the Empire, they explain that to, but I won't spoil it...

     This book showed that there is no strict structure to the supplements, and that what each of these contains is just what needs to be added to make that army variant feel unique and true to fluff. Now come on Imperial Fist book! (slim chance but I can dream!) Next week I will try and look at the core book if I can get it!

    I know I said I'd post my vengeance battery painting pics yesterday, but work and life issues happened and I will do my best to get those finished and posted tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vengeance Weapon Battery (Part 1)

     Went to my local shop today and discovered they had the new fortifications in. Being to impatient to wait for my Thunderfire cannon, and wanting something new for the tournament next month, I bought the Vengeance weapon system. I plan to test both tower types over the course of the next month and see how well the function on the tabletop. From what I can tell in the rules both guns are only BS2 because they're automated, which is a huge damper on the Punisher Gatling Cannon. The Battle cannon however isn't effected as much in my opinion. But I guess I will find out....

     A small several page rule book is included in the box and contains the rules for the weapon batteries and running them in your standard games of 40K. I like how the book is more then just a cheap looking sheet of rules, and hope they release more fortifications in this manner in the future. The fortification is 75 points for one weapon battery with a punisher cannon. a second battery can be added for another 75 points, and any batter can be upgraded to have a battle cannon for 10 points. The batteries are armour 14 buildings that are impassable and don't hold units I guess. They have no firing points, and are automated.

     A weird thing that was pointed out before is the bits are not on sprues, they're in ziplock bags inside a sealed shrink wrapped box. These is so they don't require some super huge box and I guess it saves you needing sprue cutters. I like the idea but some of the spots where the machine cut the sprue went into the model a tad. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with Green stuff though.

     My biggest complaint about this kit is GW still doesn't make things easy to magnetize so I just built the first battery with the Battle Cannon since I face a lot of power armour. By the second battery though I did find a way to do it so that one can be switched. I'll probably buy another one of this fortification though just so I don't have to work so hard with magnets....

     Finally here is one of the batteries finished. I left the little side panels with the skeletons off because I wanted a plainer look for the bunker section. As you can see it's a pretty decent size and while still a bit on the expensive side for 50 bucks most online retailers and ebay will have them for 40, and that isn't to bad for what you get. I'm happy with them and definitely think they're a cool fortification.

Tomorrow I paint them... I hope.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apocalypse book, a brief overview of it's contents.

     So I managed to get my hands on a copy of Apocalypse. Now I have never played Apocalypse before but it's something I want to try. Especially since I'm currently scratch building a Warlord Titan which will be followed by 2 scratch built Warhounds. Sadly the Warlord Titan isn't in the new book.... The new Apocalypse book is built around the idea of fun instead of just being a giant destroyer of free time, or so that's how I understand it. From what I read the rules look fun and solid and I really look forward to testing this all out on the tabletop. No 6 turn or varied game length, it's all on time limits set by who ever is hosting the event. 6 core mission types plus the Armageddon missions are also in the book. So plenty of set ups to keep things crazy.

     Formations work a bit differently now as they don't cost extra to take, where as they apparently did before. Also while the core book has tons of formations for everyone it doesn't have all of them. Some formations have been split into smaller supplements called Warzones, this first of which is Armageddon campaign. This means formations for orks, Templar, Yarrick, and Blood angels!  Now before you rage about having to buy separate Warzone books, Armageddon was actually included into the core book as a separate section. The second Warzone, Pandorax, is currently only available to those who bought the collectors edition and will be released later to the general populace. How much later I have no idea. Pandorax will have a heavy amount of Chaos super heavies like the Khorne Tower of Skulls. Full list can be found here. While I feel sad stuff was split up, having separate Warzones with new stuff means more releases of models in the future possibley. I hope....

     I don't quite know how stratagems work yet along with most of the stuff in this book. I was just amused at the idea of being able to make a single bolt pistol shot that could down a Titan. This here is for people who lover Cypher and run a chaos lord to represent him.

     Another thing I don't quite understand but looks fun. Exterminatus. The farther into the game you get the higher risk you have of your stuff getting damaged, and eventually the planet is just making everything fall apart. Virus bomb doesn't appear like it would be so bad for most armies, but terrible for Dark Eldar or Orks. Might use it in the Crusade of Fir campaign game to represent the Imperium purging the sector of chaos entirely. 

     Lastly Destroyer weapons. I wanted to post this because they will show up a lot in Apoc and it's just best we all understand them now. If your hit with one of these, there is a fair chance you won't live or that you will be severely damaged. (looking at you Warhound titan)

     All in all I like the book, plenty of fun stuff and rules to read, and lots of rules to keep me busy. Expect me to write more on the subject this week as I look deeper into things. If you haven't gotten the book yet, I'm willing to answer questions in the comments below!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Codex Digital Editions

     Black Library has recently started releasing Epub and Mobi filed of the codex's and other books by Games Workshop in a file format that Android, Nook, and Kindle users can use. While they do have some catching up to do with only one actual codex (Eldar) released, the quality is awesome and I have already pre ordered the Farsight Enclave and core rulebook in this format. Each book is 32.99 or 17 dollars cheaper then it's physical counterpart, and while with codex's that's not a big deal, with the rule book it's about half the price.

      So lets talk about whats in these and what makes them different from the Ipad versions. The Ipad version is interactive with pop up bubbles and rotatable versions of the models to view. Sadly since Android and Kindle have no rival format to do this, they must rely on standard eBook formats like Epub and Mobi. Another core issue I've noticed with the Android version is the book doesn't always display as intended depending on the app your using to read it and the settings. I've got Aldiko for it which is what was recommended by Black Library, and it works almost perfectly. Sadly the margins are still a bit off on the bottom causing text in the showcase section to appear on it's own page instead of the page with the picture. This however could be an unintended side effect of using an old vizio tablet. I really should upgrade....

     The book is nicely organized with the ability to pull up the table of contents and skip to the section you want, be it a section of fluff or the troop section of the army list. It's all there in full detail and easy to navigate. See a page you want to skip to extra quick? Bookmark it! The full reference section is also at the back of the book as well as previews for upcoming books. Tired of carrying around the FAQ? Don't have to anymore! Black Library intends to update the Epub files for codex's on their website so you can download the updated version of the book and be on your way!

     Page wise these books are a bit longer since there is less space on each "page" to put content. This means when browsing the army list each unit has it's own page, which in my opinion makes it much easier to focus on what I'm doing. All the upgrades are in bold print with there price off to the side of them. Again, I'm really happy with how this section is formatted on the tablets.

     The army showcase section shows a different model on each page, the text at the bottom is what I can't get to display right with Aldiko. I'm wondering if it isn't a line spacing issue but was to lazy to find out.

     The digital edition for "The Rules" is finally on it's way out, something I was hoping they would do eventually and was always curious why they didn't put it on Ipad sooner. Either way I'm looking forward to cutting out another book from the list of things I need to carry around with me. Also having a version of the book that's updated with the FAQ's will be nice. I'm wondering if they will also be updating the reference section in the back as well though...

     A preview of the weapons section and how it's now organized. Really hope the special rules section gets some love to. That's the part of the book I think I spend the most time looking at outside of the mission rules. I'm also curious to see if they leave in some of the missions and scenario's from the back of the core book, though I doubt it. It will probably just be same content that's in the DV rulebook.

     Lastly we have the Farsight Enclave book which is being released digital first. This book from the looks of it will function much in the same way as Iyanden does. Also based on some of the leaked screen caps the book mentions running an all battle suit army. While not as effective as a Tau gun line, I think if they can take battle suits as troops it will really make the army feel like a different version of the Tau Empire. The Iyanden codex supplement is also do to be released soon based on a preview in the back of Codex Eldar! So more on these editions as they release!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Warhammer 40K:Space Marine, a game that deserves a sequel.

    So this will be kind of a long and ranting post on the game Space Marines made by THQ's studio Relic. (Now owned by sega) The 40K franchise has been controlled in the video game world side of things almost exclusively by THQ, who made the franchise well known to non table top enthusiast threw their Dawn of War series. This is in fact how I discovered Warhammer in the first place. So about the game....

Choppin some orks

     The game itself is a standard 3rd Person shooter that manages to blend the violent melee combat involved with using chain swords and other various weapons with the awesome fire power and ranged combat of the 41st millennium. The bolter and chains sword are the main weapons and both are fun to use and very satisfying as you rip xenos and heretic alike apart. Other weapons are also present however and while their roles in the game aren't exactly traditional they do fit them. My favorite load-out so far is the Storm Bolter and the Stalker pattern Boltgun. The games health mechanics we're even bloody. The only way to heal was to brutally execute orks and traitor marines. Something I never felt bad doing....

Titus showing what true dakka is.

     The game does have it's cons though. The story follows captain Titus who while a genuinely bad ass character, especially for an Ultra-smurf, isn't actually a canon character. The whole story is an alternate version of 40K's or happens sometime before or after Cato becomes captain of the second company. Just saying he's from 5th company or something would have fixed this odd issue. Second, why is his squad only 2 other dudes? Where does the codex allow this? I know Titus doesn't exactly agree with the whole book (thank the emperor) but even he would have to agree a captain, a sergeant, and a random noob is an odd team combination. A full command squad being present but getting separated would have fixed this.
     Another strong point the game had was the class based multiplayer. The multiplayer was fun, fast paced, and violent. The player was randomly set as a CSM or Space Marine in chapter colors and armour of his choosing and unleashed to fight the enemy for kill points or strategic objectives. The classes we're split up into Tactical Marine which used Boltguns, plasma guns, and melta guns (special weapons). The Assault Marine/Raptor which had a jump pack and close combat weapons from chain swords to the Chaos Mauls. Then lastly the Devastator which used heavy weapons to kill from afar. Nothing is more fun then camping with a heavy bolter and mowing down anyone who dare oppose you....

     Sadly as much as I enjoyed the multiplayer it was not perfect. The games used peer 2 peer networks which ment if you host suck the whole game suck. Also THQ's map selection process isolated those with DLC from everyone else, this ended up making everyone leave their new DLC behind in favor of actually having people to play with. This to me sucks because I've got like 6 maps I've never seen, and Dreadnought assault is probably one of the best game modes ever. Because Dreadnoughts. Seriously, the Assault cannon on a dreadnought was brutal to anyone who decided he could run out in front of your bullet sprinkler.
     Another fun game-type which was part of a free DLC was Exterminatus addon. This allowed for you and 3 others to run around different levels fighting waves of orks and heretics using the various multiplayer load outs and trying to survive. They even had a mission where you played chaos paired with a later DLC.
     Sadly I must admit a sequel will never come. Relic even set up a cliffhanger at the end to continue the story. So it's kind a huge bummer. Personally I'd like to see a sequel just to have the multiplayer expanded on. It had a lot of potential with the classes. They could have added in classes to unlock like the tech marine and Librarian, or added vehicle combat. This would all work especially well on the upcoming generation of consoles since the battles could support more then the current standard of 16 players per game. Hopefully eternal crusade fulfills my craving for another Space Marine shooter, but that's a long ways off. So in the meantime I shall continue work on my Deathwatch game, using Space Marine as the primary influence...

If you played this game and enjoyed it, what was your favorite part of it? What do you think could have been better? WHY WAS THERE NO FLAMERS?!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Death Korp of Krieg painting (part 1)

     Been working a lot for my dad and at the bar so haven't had as much time for painting as I would like, but still got some done this week. My Death Korp really shouldn't be my first priority since I have a tournament at the end of next month and I need to get my fantasy army done, but it's hard to ignore such awesome models. Though they are a bit harder to paint then power armour...

First guy with no wash

after wash

First guy with wash and base done! The snow came
out actually looking fairly decent so I'm happy.
     Sadly with no actual day off until Sunday I can't promise to much but I'm sure I'll get more stuff to show in the mean time anyway!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Voidspan Point!

     Finally did the battle for Voidspan point. So while I don't have a lot to say right now I do have a lot of pictures. Overall it was a big battle, 3k points a team, 4 teams, 12 players. All of this on a 8x6 table! took about 6 hours to do. Chaos one by having most Warlord kills by 1. objective wise it was a tie between 4 factions and  the landing pad was contested.

Imperium deployed in the fortress of redemption!

Xenos and Chaos deploying close to each other.

Ork boys hold a bunker. But that doesn't last long...

Farther back version of first shot with Tau and Inquisition
Faction deploying in the back corner.

Chaos defiler does what he wants.

The Generals of the chaos armies discuss their tactics before
deep striking on the board.

Grey Knight players from the Inquisition team attack
the Space Marines

From the other side of the table!

The view from chaos's table side.

The full chaos army. and the orks....

     All in all it was a fun scenario. Thinking of more and tomorrow I might start planning some terrain and do more work on my Warlord Titan. Also have some pics of my death korp with paint on them!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Krieg command squad, snow, and High elves!

     Long day, just got off of work and biked the few miles home, still getting use to that but got to get in shape somehow. The last two days have been pretty eventful and I've managed to get quite a bit done. High elves army got a boost, my Imperial Fist are finally coming together again, and my death korp command squad came! But more on those dudes later in the post...
     A friend of mine gave me two starter sets worth of high elves.This has me up to the 2500 points I need to play in the tournament Sept 1st at Mage-con South 30! I still wish I could replace the swordsmen with phoenix guard but the sheer bulk of them now will compensate. I also took one of the mages and converted him onto horseback to provide my army with more magic abilities and such. Still not sure how that all works yet...

     Also started testing snow on my tanks this week. So far so good on this one but I think it needs work here and there. I tested the snow on several other models as well. The only think is it can look really odd when the glue dries if you don't get enough of the snow powder stuff mixed in with the glue. 

Other side of the tank!

On some bases! These turned out well and I look forward
to having some snowy kriegsmen.

My Death Korp of Krieg command squad! FINALLY!

    Really happy with these models.... The feel small compared to power armour but it's something I think I will get over. Some of the bits are a bit hard to put together as well but what can you do... Next step is painting them but I need to get some more black GW primer. I don't feel like using dollar store primer on the HQ's for my newest army. Sadly I won't be able to show them off at any tournaments probably for along time. They will take a while to grow the army up some....

     Next Monday I wll be buying the new Black Library PDF's for the Apoc cards, and Eldar book. Also if there teaser pic is to be believed, on the 13 I can pre-order the Farsight supplement. So reviews of that soon! I want to talk more about the supplements once another one is out since I have the first. Then it will be easier to look at the future of them.