Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eternal Crusade (Pre Alpha)

     So some footage of the game play for Eternal Crusade is finally being shown to those on Terra with internet. I've been trying to suppress excitement and keep expectations low since the game is so far off. But this footage gave me a lot of hope for this game. Why? Because it shows the game is Space Marine but in MMO form. So my favorite 3rd person shooter is being reincarnated in a crazy new way. It's also nice to see some of the fortifications and structures we all know from the table top games making an appearance in the above video. Also a minor thing they changed from SM multiplayer is the Chaos Space Marine helmets. They have horns and stuff again.

     The first hing I noticed about this footage is the GUI. The HUD is very similar elements to that of Space Marine. Some things look very much same as Space Marine. Now keep in mind this is suppose to be an MMO, a thing not normally achieved with 3rd person shooters. So hopefully they use true collision and not a loose kind of hit box like WoW. The main combat mechanics seem to be pretty well set up as well. So just need to see some of the missions and objectives that are suppose to make the game shine....

Monday, January 27, 2014

No time to hobby.

     Long first week of school, work, and then a weekend out of town. So a total lack of post I guess is to be expected as the school year starts to pick up. Most of my work going into designing and programming a game for class then working on a hobby. Something I find very sad.... I haven't even had time for video games these last 2 weeks, which has really sucked. Thankfully the week wasn't entirely unproductive so I do have some stuff to show and talk about from the last week.

     First off I finally did the rest of the work on the temple of skulls. This is something I volunteered to paint for my fried who has more things to paint then free time. Figured it makes the tables look nicer for everyone in the group to half the terrain painted. Paint job is a little bit generic and plain, but before it was just a large, unpainted eyesore. So yah, very happy to have this done.


Steve getting some fish.

     This weekend I was out of town in Omaha, Nebraska. While I was their I stopped at The Gameshoppe which has an awesome selection of things I can't afford. While there I bought a variety of things from paints to models. These are 2 Reaper Bones mini's I bought. I now have 3 unpainted Reaper Bones miniatures sitting on my desk. The one in the center of the above picture is not for me but for my little sister who picked out a random miniature and asked me to paint it. It looks like a Draenei rogue from wow in my opinion.

     This model is just another High Elf lord to use whenever I need a High Elf Lord. Goes with the extra mage I have sitting in a box behind me. How often I will use this I'm not sure, but I liked the model design. Still no sold on the casting material for the reaper bones mini's though....

     Another thing I purchased this weekend is the above to paint pots. The Nurgle rot is not for myself but I do intend to test it. The Dorn Yellow I bought for doing highlights on some of the Imperial Fist models I have laying around. Though not sure how much it will get used. It's almost to light and looks white in contrast to the normal yellow, which kind of makes it look weird.

     This is the test model for the Nurgle's Rot. This is what it looks like on the shoulderpad. With the slightly organic look to the shoulder pad this worked pretty well actually with the weird indented spots acting like pores or openings of seeping puss. Could probably be done a bit better but I don't have any nurgley models so that will have to be tested more later by someone else.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Short Sunday update!

     Short update for this Sunday night Played a game of 40K for first time in a bit over a month and while it was and awesome and bloody game I'm sad to say I lost. The game was capture the relic with hammer and anvil deployment. 2000 points with Sentinals of Terra vs Necrons. I deployed second and failed to claim initiative so had to rely on the Voidshield generator to protect my troops from enemy fire. This was also the first game for using the Voidshield generator, Vanguard Veterans, and Sergeant Garadon. 

     I used my rhinos and drop pods to get the the relic turn 1 and secure it. A plan that almost worked minus the fact my forces were surrounded. Garadon picked up the objective and even almost made it away accept on turn 3 the flyer came in and insta killed him and the other marine that was alive in the squad. Then it was a mad dash by both teams to run for the now unclaimed objective.

     Lysander who was in the Land Raider with a full squad of Vanguard vets who managed to tear across the Necron lines of infantry but were finally whiped out when trying to charge a 4 squad on turn 5 and Lysander finally died to overwatch fire. The squad then was slowly picked apart by Necrons crowding around it from every direction. Eventually I reclaimed the objective but lost it again at the top of turn 7 causing the game to go to secondary objectives and making me lose with final score being 0 - 2. Each time had only about 3 units left and what was left was bloodied.

     Also as a warning (and slightly off topic) might not be a lot of post from me right now as school started again and with the final semester for the program started I need to make an entire game from scratch. So busy next few months....

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Ork fortifications!

     Spent the afternoon on my day off today making some ork Terrain that can double as fortifications or whatever else the scenario call for. None of it's very complicated and it's loosely inspired by the terrain in Dawn of War since I really liked the looks of the buildings in that game. First I wanted to make some weapon batteries. The Vengeance weapon batteries could easily be made to look ore orky but I wanted to make something a bit more scrap heap looking. 

     This tower is the result of that. I still need to build some more of them so I have some options, but overall I'm pretty happy with how they look. Scrap parts in the shape of a tower! Looks like it would fall apart if fired to much. Also the Ballistic skill of automated weapons is same as normal ork BS anyway so having an ork gunner in the tower fit well. They don't have fancy AI I'm sure.

Better view into the tower.

Compared to GW weapon battery.

     The second thing I made was based off of the Dawn of War ork power generator. As you can see above the thing isn't the fanciest ork contraption in the world. I figured apart from looking cool once done it could also double for an Ork Void shield generator since it's footprint isn't that much bigger from that of the weapon batteries. I still feel like it's a little to big though or at least larger then I intended.

The base of tower and frame of generator. 

Tower all filled with gubbins and bits.

Size comparison to everything else!

A better shot of the generator primed.

The inside of it.

     Next post with painting progress will probably be of something power armour related again as I jump between various projects in a coffee fueled adhd painting rage. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tanks for Krieg

     So my project this last week has been to speed through and paint the rest of my tanks for my Death korp of krieg army. Something I've been procrastinating on for a very long time. Thankfully my gaming clubs painting competition provided the extra motivation needed to get these finished finally. The above picture has all the tanks that weren't done yet after getting what is the rest of the base colors. I still need to do some weathering and other details on them but that will probably come much later .Right now I'm just happy to see them tabletop usable.

     The complete set of painted Krieg vehicles and 1 of the vengeance weapon batteries. The other is on loan right now and should be home soon? Currently though I'm very happy with the array of tanks I have though I would like to track down some more turrets to help change loadouts. Had I not bought these tanks used apart from being very expensive I would have magnetized them so I could swap out all of their weapons with ease. I think my next goal for this army apart from more troops is fortifications and maybe 1 or 2 earth shaker artillery carriages. 

     And finally, I managed to start painting the grenadier squad. I feel like I should get 1 more squad of these guys but give them some plasma and melta weapons as I'm not sure how useful a flamer and grenade launcher will be. It's just hard to argue with the skull face mask, these guys are easily the most "grim dark" of all the Imperial Guard forces. Can't wait to field them all and burn those filthy heretics.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited

      So today I want to take the Thursday review to give a short review of my opinion on Scribblenauts Unlimtied for the PC. Scribblenauts is a rather popular title that I believe was made popular by it's first entry on the nintendo DS. I have never gotten to play the game prior to the PC release and didn't get it until the Humble Indie Bundle - WB Games Bundle. Then the game sat in my Steam Llbrary for a month. So finally this last few days I've gotten to sit down and play it.

     The concept of the game is really fun with the idea of summoning so many different items, creatures, people, and random things to solve puzzles. But sometimes it can be a bit specific as to what you can actually do. Like when you trying to spawn a large boulder and it really wants you to write something like oversized rock. This to an extent though could probably be fixed with Steam Workshop suppose which will hopefully allow me to call on Space Marines to get the stars for me.

     As for the puzzles I can't say I've found to many of the ones I've done overly challenging. Most are just variations of get star from tree, or get star from ledge. But it might just be that I haven't dedicated a lot of time to progressing as much as I should. For some reason no matter how many objects I add into the game and how many times I try it I just can't get into the game. At this point I have to assume the game is just not for me but I'll probably continue to go back to it now and then to see if my mood changes.

     I think one thing that could make this game rather awesome is user created challenges. Then I think some really fun puzzles could be had. In the mean time. I'm gonna go play LOTRO or something....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Triumph and Treachery

       Played Triumph and Treachery on Sunday with some friends. In a semi epic battle between Elves, Dwarves, and the undead. Not actually all that epic really. In fact there was hardly any opportunity to use the treachery cards do to what was mostly bad luck. Still a fun game though over all and I really want to try this with 5 people.

Troops starting to move about the field of battle.

Undead Hordes!

Dwarf artillery!

The High Elf battle lines!

Elves and Undead fighting for... something.

Dwarven lines being overrun.

Zombie corpse pile

Elves and Krell wiping out the last of the Dwarf miners.

Dwarf Longbeards and Skeletons.
    The game was long and blood but I think I walked away pretty well with most of my archers and sword masters of Hoeth. The rest of my army was dead, but the other armies didn't fair much better. The dwarves and some quarrelers and a cannon left. The Undead had some Skeletons. The Swordsmasters of Hoeth are probably the best unit in any game I play, destroying anything they get into combat with. With the banner of the world dragon they can survive most things but attacks that go through just army seem to take them down easily enough. Need to find a way to fix this and they can be unstoppable. 


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vanguard Veterans (part 4)

     So working on the Vanguard vets again tonight and I think this is the only guy I'll get done. The weekend will probably involve a lot of alternating back and forth between the vanguard vets and my krieg army but that's okay. It keeps me from getting bored! Heck, if I really need something to work on I can pull out the box of orks under my desk! But that's unlikely... Now, the above marine is another dude with chainsword and one of the only guys I did not have a mk-iii arm for but I think the Black Templar arm with the chain makes up for it.

All base coated!

     This is the first guy I think that has to much blood on him. Like he just started cutting an ork and just kept going until it was entirely moosh and chunky gore. Going to leave it though since trying to paint over the blood for the blood god. Also I don't believe a model can have to much blood on it weapons...

Also on a side not, I finished these guys!

and my tanks are almost ready for fielding!
     Anyways, it's after 2am, and I'm done for today. Will work on more painting tomorrow. Will hopefully get to play a game of something Sunday.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Deathkorp of Krieg

     So after not getting to spend my days off off from work, I'm finally making a post with what progress I did get done over the weekend. Taking a break from the Imperial Fist first company I started work on getting my Deathkorp of Krieg allies to a playable painted state. Starting with putting arms on my grenadiers and getting the rest of the tanks painted. The Basilisk is still something I'm unsure about, the minimum range to me makes it a huge risk, but it looks cool so I wanna use it.

     The biggest issue with finishing the tanks is I don't have a good brush for quickly doing the base coat of blue on them. An airbrush would be awesome, but they need to stop being so expensive. Other then that though the tanks really only use 4 different colors. The 4 colors doesn't really look right to me though without weathering though as the tanks look to clean for something use by the DKoK.

Almost complete Basilisk!

The turrets from 3 of the leman russ tanks, I realized that
most of my tanks are vanquishers.

      So at the end of the time I have 2 tanks mostly complete. Mainly they just need weathering. Tomorrow I'll probably go back to working on the Vanguard Veterans and trying and get updates to them up. Just hard to spend 45 minutes a model, on what is essentially 10 of the same model. Hopefully I'm not the only person to have this issue with attention span. Though this issue explains why I keep starting new armies....